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Warranty extensions

Extended device protection with our preventive maintenance

Give us the opportunity to provide maintenance for your A.KRÜSS device once a year and we extend your warranty to 3 years. As to our microscopes, we grant a 5-year warranty even without preventive maintenance.


Why preventive maintenance?

It makes sense to have your A.KRÜSS device checked by us at regular intervals. Only by this can we ensure that all instrument-specific measurement accuracies are safely achieved and that your instrument has the longest possible life span.

Which services does a maintenance include?

  • Cleaning of all device surfaces
  • Cleaning all relevant components for the proper functioning of the device
  • Functional test and, if necessary, adjustment of the touchscreen
  • Functional test of the peristaltic pump (if available)
  • Functional test of the drying unit (if available)
  • Functional test of the autosampler and the flow-throug measuring cell (if available)
  • Check the general settings
  • Check the printer, USB and Ethernet port
  • Tightness test of all tubes and replacement if necessary
  • Checking the temperature with certified measuring and testing equipment
  • Calibration of the device with recognised and traceable standards, adjustment if necessary
  • Device testing and measurement according to DIN VDE 0701-0702
  • Creation of a maintenance record
  • Creation of a calibration certificate

What do you ensure with preventative maintenance?

  • Device-specific measurement accuracies are safely achieved
  • Live span of device lengthens
  • Warranty extends up to 3 years
  • Cleanliness and operating safety is improved
  • Your software is always up to date
  • You safely pass through every audit

Please contact us if you are interested in a warranty extension.

Tel: +49 40 514 317-0

Any Questions?

We will be glad to help.

+49 40 514 317-0

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