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Pioneering and success since 1796

We are a leading manufacturer of high-precision laboratory and analysis instruments. For more than 200 years we have been developing and manufacturing innovative product solutions for the quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products and end products in Germany.

As part of the quality assurance we are committed to, our measurement devices provide important key figures with which product quality and product safety can be monitored and ensured.

Refractometers, polarimeters, density meters, flame photometers, melting point meters, gas analysers or microscopes – our instruments meet the highest standards of accuracy, speed and reliability. We also have a wide range of measurement devices available for professional gemology.

Our demands on quality and precision are high and the requirements of our customers are always the top priority. Customers who decide to buy one of our devices do not only receive a quality measurement device, they also gain access to professional services and comprehensive support. Together with our certified service partners we offer customer service directly on site in over 130 countries around the globe.

Benefit from our expert knowledge of measurement procedures and methods as well as measurement based on national and international standards. Take advantage of our expertise on sample temperature control, calibration and adjustment, validation and qualification. You will find detailed information on these topics on our campus site. Or talk to us personally by phone, you are welcome to exchange ideas with us. Or visit us directly at one of our application seminars or workshops in our training centre in Hamburg.

Be convinced by our innovative products and our passion for quality.

Schmauck-Leibrock - Management

Management Board Dipl.-Ing. Karin Leibrock and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schmauck

History of a Hamburg family enterprise

The beginnings of the KRÜSS company were more than two centuries ago. At these times Napoleon Bonaparte changed the world with his military crusade, Captain James Cook travelled to Australia and New Zealand, Ludwig van Beethoven composed his first sonatas and Carl Friedrich Gauss provided the foundations of mathematical statistics.

This is also where our company’s history began, when the mechanic and optician Edmund Gabory opened his workshop in Hamburg in 1796 together with a store for the sale of measuring instruments. From this the present-day KRÜSS has developed and is now being managed in the 8th generation. The NDR produced a remarkable feature in 1965, which provides interesting insights into the company, fifty-year ago. Learn more about the eventful company history in our book.

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Quality and environmental certificate


Certificate ISO 9001:2015

A.KRÜSS Optronic holds a quality certificate and an environmental certificate for its integrated management system.

With our commitment to ISO certification and quality management, we ensure that the quality in our company is subject to a reliable standard. Our customers benefit from clear, standardised workflows and the continuous optimisation of our business processes. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers and a long-term and sustainable relationship with all our business partners.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)

Certificate ISO 14001:2015

Environmental protection based on DIN ISO 14001:2015 is an integral part of the processes within our company. We promote and support the environmental awareness of our employees and partners at all levels, to deal efficiently and sparingly with the available resources and to comply with the specifications of the environmental management system. We strive to reduce environmental pollution within the framework of our processes. We are committed to complying with applicable legal obligations and other requirements and to continuously improving the effectiveness of the environmental management system.

Certificate ISO 14001:2015 (PDF)

Member of the following organizations

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Association of Wholesale and Foreign Trade in Nursing and Laboratory Supplies

The VGKL mission is to promote and represent the general professional and commercial interests of the wholesale and foreign trade sector for nursing and laboratory supplies.

The VGKL represents around 140 companies active in the laboratory sector.

As a professional association, the VGKL is a member of the German Association of Wholesale, Foreign Trade, Services (BGA). Its head office, in fact, is located in the premises of the BGA’s Trade – Services – Tourism Building in Berlin.

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Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology e.V.

DECHEMA promotes scientific and technical exchange among experts from different disciplines, organizations and generations.

DECHEMA e.V. is the expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. This non-profit professional society represents these fields in science, industry, politics and society. Around 100 subject divisions and working parties offer a forum for knowledge exchange among experts, based on trust.

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European Society for Sugar Technology

The purpose of the ESST is on a non-profit basis:

  • to promote the scientific work in the sugar industry and related industries and to facilitate the exchange of scientific findings
  • to give young scientists and technicians in practice the opportunity to report on their work
  • to support the exchange of scientific reflections at an international level
  • to aim to further pursue the formation and development of the next generation

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