UV Analysis lamp


UV analysis lamp

UV analysis lamp

Key features
Key features

Precise determination of the luminescence of UV radiation

The UV- and analysis lamp UV120 is used to detect the luminescence of UV radiation created by crystal lattice perturbations and to distinguish between synthetic, composite gemstones, and true or artificially created pearls. The UV series includes lamps with special filters, for long and short wave light as well as lamps with daylight LED. Typical applications include testing fluorescent banknotes, debit/credit cards and passports, etc. Another area of application is the hygiene test on surfaces or disinfection procedures.

  • With special filters for long and short wave light
  • For checking fluorescent banknotes, EC / credit cards, ID cards, passports, etc.
  • Suitable for distinguishing between synthetic, composite gemstones and genuine or artificially created pearls
  • For monitoring and control of hygiene and disinfection procedures
  • Manufactured for 120 VAC

Model specifications

WAVELENGHT254 nm and 366 nm
DIMENSIONS260 x 65 x 65 mm


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