Spectrometer Goniometer


Spectrometer goniometer SG1800

Spectrometer goniometer SG1800

Key features
Key features

For the precise determination of optical data of prisms

Krüss offers the model SG1800 Spectrometer-Goniometer, for the exact measurement of optical data on prisms. Reflection angle and deflection angle are measurable. From the measured values, for example, the inner angle of a prism or the refractive index of the material used can be determined. It can also be used as a spectroscope, for qualitative examination and measurement of emission and absorption spectra. The observation tube has combined coarse and fine drives, infinitely variable, cross-hairs, eyepiece vernier accuracy. The collimator and the telescope have a focal length of 178mm and a free aperture of 32mm. The Prism offers Flint glass (60deg) with a dispersion angle C-F=2deg. The collimator is a symmetric precision slit of hardened steel. Accessories include prism, Rowland grating and holder, scale illumination, lamp, ocular and spectra sheet.Infinitely adjustable

  • With crosshair eyepiece and vernier reading accuracy of 1angular minute
  • Flint glass prism
  • High-quality collimator made of hardened steel with symmetrical precision gap
  • Extensive accessories

Typical applications

  • For angle measurement on optical components
  • Determination of reflection angle and deflection angle
  • Determination of the inside angle of a prism
  • Determination of the refractive index of the material used

Model specifications

Observation tubeinfinitely variable
Scale reading precision1 angle min.
Objectivefield number 18, 160 mm focal distance
PrismFlint glass (60°)
Dispersion angleC – F = 2°
Slit tubeSymmetric precision slit of hardened steel
Height of the optical axis above the specimen table0 – 20 mm
Suitable height of the specimen5 – 50 mm
Focal length collimator178 mm
Focal length telescope178 mm
Magnification eyepiece15x
Free aperture32 mm
Width entrance slit0 – 2 mm
Diameter specimen table85,5 mm
Diameter of the scale176 mm
Achievable measuring accuracy± 1’
Scope of deliveryMain body incl. collimator, telescope, stage for the specimen
Prism holder with retaining screws
Holder for the diffraction grating
Magnifying glass for the better readability of the scale
Dust case

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