Spectroscope according to Kirchhoff-Bunsen


Spectroscope 1701

Spectroscope 1701

Key features
Key features

Ideal for schools and universities

The Spektroskop 1701 according to Kirchhoff-Bunsen is an ideal training instrument for schools and universities. It is easy to calibrate and is suitable for qualitative observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra. Both observation tube and eyepiece are movable, the scale tube is fixed and has a 200-part scale.

Model specifications

 Spektroskop 1701
OBSERVATION TUBEMoveable, with lock-screw
SLIT TUBEFixed with variable slit objective
SCALE TUBEFixed scale of 200 divisions can be calibrated in wavelengths
OCULAR18 mm / 90 mm
OBJECTIVE18 mm / 180 mm
FLINT PRISM60°, dispersion C–F = 2°,
base length 20 mm, height 30 mm
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES1714 Scale illumination for memory and wavelength scale
1717 wavelength scale
1718 spare prism
GL1 spare lamp 12 V / 1 W

The history of spectroscopy

What was the origin of spectroscopy? Which scientists were significantly involved and how did atomic absorption spectrometry come about later?

History of spectroscopy

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