Melting point meter M3000 with new design

New design for consistently high quality

The semi-automatic melting point meter receives a modern lens system

With a new name and appearance, our semi-automatic melting point meter M3000 presents itself and adapts to the corporate identity of A.KRÜSS Optronic. Like the predecessor models, the M3000 is equipped with high-quality measuring electronics and observation optics. A fast and accurate measurement of three different samples is still integrated and remains an integral part of our semi-automatic melting point meters.

With the new built-in RS-232 interface, it is now possible to connect an external ASCII printer, making the M3000 stand out from similar melting point meters from other manufacturers. An adjustment based on four anchor points, which can also be traced back and carried out by the customer, increases the accuracy and reproducibility of the measured results. Of course, we also offer our comprehensive range of IQ / OQ / PQ / DQ for the M3000.

Melting point Meter M3000

Melting Point Meter M3000
Melting Point Meter M3000

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