Get informed now: New video melting point meter

The well-known measuring method of the modern melting point determination and technology raises frequently questions from users. For this reason, we have now created a new video that informs about the function and use of the devices measuring the melting point determination.

A. KRUESS melting point meters 2022

Our modern melting point measuring instruments work quickly and accurately, offering reproducible results that do not depend on the skill of the individual user.

Vividly presented: Measurement with melting point meter

With the M3000 and M5000, powdery substances can be examined quickly and reliably. This is possible semi- or fully automatically and with precisely regulated – but variable – heating rates. The video introduces the instruments, their function and performance

Melting point capillaries

Customers can find out exactly how the melting point is determined. Based on the example of a common procedure for the determination of the melting temperature, it is shown how important a careful preparation of the sample, with good compaction, is.
Both the M5000, which operates fully automatically by means of transmission measurement, and the semi-automatic M3000 instrument allow an analysis method that works without special equipment. They measure with a resolution of 0.1°C in the measuring range of 25-400 °C.

What is the melting temperature?

The USP defines the melting temperature as the end point of the melt when everything has melted. Our video graphically illustrates background information on determining the melting point.


A fixed melting point is only given for 100 % pure substances. With the usual methods, the melting temperature can be determined to within a few tenths of a degree. With our instruments, the result can be read off with an accuracy of 0.3 – 0.5 °C and is easily reproducible.

Application area quality control and assurance

melting point

The determination of the melting temperature is used in quality control as a fast, non-intrusive and cost-effective method for incoming goods or end product control of a substance.

It provides information on the quality and purity of substances and therefore serves product safety to a high degree.

Also in science and academics, the melting temperature still has a high value for the characterization of a sample.

Melting point meter: Use at pharmacy application site

Section 6 of the Pharmacy Operations Regulation (Apothekenbetriebsordnung, ApBetrO) makes it compulsory for pharmacies to provide evidence of identity for every purchased source substance. In this case, the determination of the melting temperature is of great importance.

Melting point analysis pharmacy

It is listed in about a quarter of all monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. 4.00 and supplements), the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB 2002) and the German Drug Codex (DAC) as a part of the identity verification or as a procedure to determine the traceable quality. However, if other tests are mentioned, these must also be carried out and in this case the melting point will not suffice as sole proof.
Our melting point meters are also widely used in the laboratories of hospitals, laboratories of examination institutes, as well as in scientific and academic research.

They are also applied in the chemical, oil, grease and food industries. They have been proven in practice and offer a simple and reliable analysis method. You can convince yourselves easily, click here for the VIDEO.

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