Gas analyser for highly accurate O2 measurements


Gas analysers 1400

Gas analysers 1400

Gas analyser handle with cannula

Gas analyser handle with cannula

Calibration and test gases for gas analysers

Calibration and test gases for gas analysers

Calibration and test gases for gas analysers with bag and certificate

Calibration and test gases for gas analysers with bag and certificate

Key features
Key features

For high O2 concentrations and high sample throughput

The zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2) of the MAT1400 measures the oxygen concentration over the entire measurement range between 0 and 100 volume per cent. Especially in case of a very low concentration, it will achieve an excellent accuracy of ±0.001 volume per cent. The MAT1400 is therefore suitable for the inspection of oxygen-free as well as oxygen-rich modified atmospheres. It can also be used in the cold storage room from ambient temperatures of 10 °C.

  • Easy and intuitively to use via touch-screen – even by untrained personnel
  • Low-drift zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2in the measuring range from 0 to 100 vol.-%
  • Short measurement period
  • Only a small sample volume required
  • Interface package for convenient transfer of measured values (USB, Ethernet, RS-232)
  • Any number of measurement methods for the monitoring of the measurement process according to method, batch, product and/or production line incl. limit value monitoring

Typical applications

Because of its excellent accuracy of ±0.001 volume per cent with the lowest O2 concentrations, the MAT1400 with its zirconium dioxide sensor is primarily used to test oxygen free modified atmospheres for sterilised finished products or electronic, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products. Thanks to its wide measurement range between 0 and 100 volume per cent, it can also be used for high oxygen concentrations as required for red fresh meat. The investment in the zirconium dioxide sensor will quickly pay off if many samples are measured every day due to the long service life of up to 15 years. Thanks to the fast response time of 0.3 seconds, only very little sample gas is required – an advantage especially in case of a small headspace volume as it is common with sachets and cosmetics products. The cross-sensitivity of the sensor toward humidity and temperature is low. A regular adjustment is not necessary because it is free of drift. Typical applications are the control of oxygen concentration in particularly oxygen-sensitive and sterilized products and products with high oxygen concentration, such as:

  • Fresh meat
  • Sausages
  • Dried foods
  • Milk powder
  • Fruit juices
  • Yogurt and dairy products

A comprehensive overview of typical applications of the gas analyzers of the MAT1000 series can be found in our campus article on gas analyzer applications.

Model specifications

Any number of user-defined scales
ACCURACY±0.001 vol% (< 1 vol%)
±0.01 vol% (< 6 vol%)
±0.1 vol% (< 35 vol%)
±0.4 vol% (> 35 vol%)
RESOLUTION0.001 vol%
TYPEZirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2)
MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLEPotentiometric measurement
CROSS-SENSITIVITYCross-sensitive toward inflammable gases

Technical data Gas analysers (PDF, 218 KB)

A strong performance package

The gas analysers are robust all-rounders. As a user, you enjoy many benefits such as simple and intuitive operation, intelligent user management, complete data logging, and compliance with global standards.


High operating comfort

  • State-of-the-art touch-screen display
  • Uniform operation of all A.KRÜSS laboratory devices
  • Easy, menu-guided adjustment
  • Can be connected to a barcode scanner
  • Printer configuration with numerous options
  • selection of six languages (de, en, fr, es, it, pt)

Create your own methods

  • Create any number of methods so that the respective desired parameters can be used for each sample
  • Available method parameters: scales, measurement procedures, limit values, comment and much more
  • Selectable measurement modes: single or continuous
  • Several single measurement procedures: manual, automatic, min/max detection

The main screen: Everything relevant at a glance

  • Freely assignable shortcut keys for the most important functions
  • Measured values can be viewed at a glance
  • Optional secondary and tertiary scale to display up to three measured values
  • Method selection with only two clicks

Intelligent user administration

  • Two authorisation levels
  • Can be activated or deactivated depending on the requirements
  • Optional setup of user profiles
  • Differentiations with the help of user-defined colour schemes
  • Customised settings for different users or work groups

Complete documentation of measured values

  • Integrated measured data storage: complete recording of all measured data as well as system or method settings
  • Consecutive numbering of the measurements
  • Documentation of all measured values of the last 999 measurements

Customise your result reports

  • Customisable result table using the column configuration
  • Selection of the results with filters
  • Ascending or descending sorting of the datasets according to number

Integrated interfaces, flexible data export

  • Print-out on serial ASCII printer at RS-232 interface
  • Print-out on network printer in PDF or GS format
  • Print-out as PDF on USB flash drive or to network share
  • Export of the measurement results in HTML or CSV format on USB flash drive or to network share
  • Easy integration into existing networks (DHCP client) or a LIMS

The right sensors for gas analysis

Explanation of the electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) and the zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2) for the O2-measurement as well as the non-invasive infrared sensor (NDIR) for the CO2-measurement.

Sensor overview

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