Professional stereo microscope

MSZ5000 series with impressive zoom range

Stereo microscope MSZ5000-TL-LED

Stereo microscope MSZ5000-T-TL-LED

Stereo microscope MSZ5000-T-IL-TL

Stereo microscope MSZ5000-S-RL

Stereo microscope MSZ5000-S

Key features
Key features

Robust zoom stereo microscope with large zoom range

A robust zooming stereo microscope for the professional examination of electronics, precision engineering, plastics and medical products. The microscope is used for inspection, assembly, analysis, for soldering and polishing and finishing – an excellent tool for quality control. The large zoom range, large working distance and broad depth of field facilitates allow very comfortable work in many areas. It offers continuously variable magnification with 7– 45x total zoom. The rugged metal housing makes it easier to work with reliability, even in harsh environments. Accessories include various eyepieces and auxiliary lenses to modify the magnification and working distances.

  • Very pleasant working due to large zoom range and large working distance
  • Zoom feature for continuous magnification settings from 7 to 45x, optionally expandable to 14 to 90x
  • Large depth of focus
  • Incident and transmitted light (depending on configuration)
  • Robust metal housing

Zoom in - for professionals

  • Professional examination of electronic, precision engineering, plastic and medical products
  • For inspection, assembly, analysis, soldering, polishing and fine machining
  • For examination of rock samples, insects and amber
  • Excellent tool for quality control

Model specifications

OPTICAL HEAD45° inclined
Adjustable interocular distance 51–75 mm
Dioptric compensation
OBJECTIVES0.7- 4.5x zoom lenses, object field 28.6–4.44 mm
OBJECT FIELD28.6–4.44 mm
EYEPIECES10x wide-field eyepieces
FIELD OF VIEW32.8-5.1 mm
MAGNIFICATION7-45x, optionally expandable to 14-90x
WORKING DISTANCEApproximately 90 mm
infinitely variable adjustment for models with incident and transmittesd light
SPECIAL EQUIPMENTOnly for Models with swivelling stand:
Preparation brackets
Base plate black or white changeable
POWER SUPPLY230 V optional 115 V
MSZ5000Basic model
MSZ5000-TWith phototube, without illumination
MSZ5000-RLWith incident light (ring light)
MSZ5000-T-RLWith phototube and incident light (ring light)
MSZ5000-SWith swivelling stand, without illumination
MSZ5000-T-SWith phototube and swivelling stand, without illumination
MSZ5000-S-RLWith swivelling stand and incident light (ring light)
MSZ5000-T-S-RLWith phototube, swivelling stand and incident light (ring light)
MSZ5000-IL-TLWith incident and transmitted light, infinitely variable adjustment
MSZ5000-T-IL-TLWith phototube, incident and transmitted light, infinitely variable adjustment
T = Trinocular/phototube
IL = Incident light
TL = Transmitted light
RL = Ring light
S = Swivelling stand
Microscopic magnification of a circuit board
Microscopic magnification of a circuit board
Microscopic magnification of natural amethyst
Microscopic magnification of natural amethyst
Amber with insect inclusion
Amber with insect inclusion
Amber with inclusion under the microscope
Amber with inclusion under the microscope

Microscope camera

Professional imaging - pixel-fox is the clever imaging package with a digital microscope camera and software - for taking, measuring, saving and documenting images.



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