Metallurgical incident light microscope


Incident light microscope MBL3300

Incident light microscope MBL3300

Key features
Key features

Specialist in quality control

The MBL3300 is a real specialist. It is a perfect instrument for the identification and analysis of steel connections and other metals. It is also ideal for quality assessment, raw material analysis and examining metal structures following heat treatment. This metallurgical microscope is particularly well suited for laboratory and industrial applications. It is equipped with a phototube for connecting a camera.


Typical applications

The metallurgical incident light microscope is suitable for applications in the laboratory and in industry.

  • Identification and analysis of metal compounds
  • Material testing
  • Ideal for quality determination
  • Raw material analysis
  • Control of metal structures after heat treatment

Model specifications

OPTICAL HEADInclined optical head,
Symmetrical eye distance adjustment (55 – 75 mm),
Dioptre compensation with scale
4x/NA 0.10 // object field Ø: 4.5 mm
10x/NA 0.25 // object field Ø: 1.8 mm
40x/NA 0.65 // object field Ø: 0.45 mm
EYEPIECES10x plane eyepiece
Field of view: 18
CONDENSERDouble lens ABBE Condenser, NA 1.25, with centering and height adjustment
ILLUMINATION6 V 30 W adjustable
MICROSCOPE STAGEXY Stage, moving range 120x80x mm
STAND6 V 30 W adjustable objectives
MAXIMUM OBJECT HEIGHT24 mm with 4x/NA 0.10
23 mm with 10x/NA 0.25
21 mm with 40x/NA 0.65
Filter holder
Blue filter
Green filter (optional)
Microscopic magnification of a coin
Microscopic magnification of a coin

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