Monocular microscope

MML1000 series - Transmitted light microscopes for laboratory, teaching and production

Transmitted light monocular microscope MML1200

Transmitted light monocular microscope MML1200

Key features
Key features

A strong start

Monocular microscopes are compact, inexpensive and ideal for many applications in laboratory, teaching and production. The solid weight of the microscope series provides stability even in harsh environments. The durable precision mechanics ensures optimal laboratory work for many years. We give extended warranty on case, optics and mechanics.

  • 45° inclined viewing for ergonomic work
  • 360° rotating optical head
  • Sturdy metal tripod ensures high stability
  • Coarse and fine adjustment facilitates precise working
  • Integrated illumination
  • A wide range of accessories is available

Typical applications

  • Quality control
  • Incoming inspection
  • Sampling
  • Simple laboratory applications
  • Simple clinical applications
  • Education: Popular school experiments for microscopy

Model specifications

 MML1200 MML1300MML1400
OPTICAL HEAD45° inclined and 360° rotating
4x/NA 0.10
10x/NA 0.25
40x/NA 0.65
4x/NA 0.10
10x/NA 0.25
40x/NA 0.65
100x/NA 1.25 oil immersion
OCULAR10x wide field planocular
CONDENSERDouble lenses Abbe condenser NA 1.25, with iris diaphragm and filter holder
ILLUMINATION6 V 10 W with reflector6 V 10 W with reflector, adjustable
STANDMetal tripod with coarse and fine adjustment
Microscopic enlargement of plant tissue
Microscopic enlargement of plant tissue

Pulse5 and Ace12

Pulse5 and Ace12 - Power package for microscopy applications - brilliant image acquisition, advanced image analysis and reliable image documentation

Pulse5 and Ace12

Worth knowing about microscopy

Make the hidden cosmos visible in front of our eyes. How do light microscopes open our eyes to a new world? What is dark field microscopy or phase contrast microscopy? What is the difference between monocular microscopes, binocular microscopes and stereomicroscopes?


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