Calibration standards for polarimeters

PQP- and PQE-quartz control plates

Quartz control plates polarimeter PQP

Quartz control plates polarimeter PQP

Key features
Key features

For a steadily high measurement accuracy

Like all measurement devices, polarimeters should be calibrated and adjusted on a regular basis. Sugar solutions are widely used as a standard for this purpose. Their disadvantage: They always have to be freshly produced for measurements. User errors during the initial weighing are difficult to prevent, and the high temperature dependency of the respective solutions also needs to be taken into account. Optically active quartz which is cut from mono-crystals is better suited for the calibration and adjustment of polarimeters. We offer you a selection of PTB-certified premium quartz control plates and (more cost-effective) quartz control plates with PTB traceable factory certification. We recommend re-qualification by our in-house service every 3-5 years.

  • High-quality mono-crystals, covered in stainless steel
  • Compliant with OIML, ICUMSA and pharmacopoeia
  • PQP models, +/- 0,001°, PTB certifiable
  • PQE models, +/- 0,005°, with traceable factory certification
  • Easy handling
  • Very durable

Model specifications

TYPEPolarimeter Quartz Professional (PQP)
Premium quartz control plate with PTB-Certificate
ANGLE OF ROTATION+17° (±1°), +50 °Z (±1 °Z)+34° (±1°), +99 °Z (±1 °Z)–17° (±1°), –50 °Z (±1 °Z)
HOUSINGStainless steel
SUITABLE FORP8000 series and P3000

TYPEPolarimeter Quartz Economy (PQE)
Quartz control plates with factory certificate, traceable to PTB certificate
ANGLE OF ROTATION+17° (±1°), +50 °Z (±1 °Z)+34° (±1°), +99 °Z (±1 °Z)–17° (±1°), –50 °Z (±1 °Z)-34° (±1°), -99 °Z (±1 °Z)
HOUSINGStainless steel
SUITABLE FORP3000, limited suitability for P8000

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