Polarimeter glass measurement tube with integrated Peltier temperature control


Polarimeter glas tube PRG-100-EPT

Polarimeter glass tube PRG-100-200-EPT

Key features
Key features

Glass measurement tube with stainless steel jacket and integrated temperature control

With the PRG-100-EPT, we have developed a directly temperature-controlled measurement tube for our polarimeters P8000-P and P8100-P which allows high-precision measurements without the use of an additional external device. Three Peltier elements ensure an accurate, fast temperature control in the range between 15 °C and 40 °C.

Thanks to their ideal positioning and insulation, the temperature control is homogeneous over the entire tube length, and there will be no temperature gradient. The temperature sensor Pt100 integrated into the measurement tube determines when the target temperature is reached. Just like the PRG-100-/-200-ET, the PRG-100-EPT features a chemical-resistant glass body and an unbreakable stainless steel jacket. That makes it also suitable for aggressive samples and very durable as well. All relevant control parameters and the serial number are stored in the data memory of the measuring tube and can be read out by the polarimeter.

Polarimeter P8000-P with PRG-100-EPT cut-out
Polarimeter P8000-P with PRG-100-EPT cut-out
  • Suitable for all samples, even aggressive chemicals
  • Easy to fill and degas via the dual opening
  • Automatically recognizable with all relevant control parameters as well as the serial number
  • Precise temperature measurement close to the sample with integrated temperature sensor
  • Accurate, homogeneous and very fast temperature control
  • Recommended in case of frequent temperature changes (for example from 20 °C for Ph. Eur. to 25 °C for USP)

PRG-100-EPTGlass measurement tube with stainless steel jacket, inlet and outlet
as well as integrated Peltier temperature control and temperature measurement, 100 mm, 8 ml

Datasheet Polarimeter measurement tubes (PDF, 819 KB)

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