Handheld refractometers


Handheld refractometers together

Handheld refractometers together

Key features
Key features

Mobile in use and proven a thousand times over

Handheld refractometers are barely bigger than a torch and can be used anywhere in mobile applications. They are especially easy to use, very robust and require no batteries. The devices differ mainly in the selectable scales, e.g. for the determination of the salt content, water content in honey, serum protein content, Oechsle, Brix and potential alcohol content as well as ethylene- and propylene glycol content. No manual conversion is required thanks to the scales and application errors are ruled out.

  • Small size for mobile use
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • High resolution of the scale areas
  • Robust and compact design
  • Easy calibration and adjustment

Typical applications

The handheld refractometers HR series are the ideal solution for the petrochemical, automotive, aviation, metal processing and food industries.

  • Identity test and concentration determination
  • Outgoing goods inspection
  • Stability test
  • Quality and purity control of raw materials and end products
  • Determination of the sugar concentration
  • Determination of water content in honey

For a comprehensive overview of typical applications visit our campus review Refractometer applications.

Model specifications

Handheld refractometerScaleMeasurement rangeMeasurement accuracy
HRB10-TBrix0–10 %Brix0.1 %Brix
HRB18-TBrix0–18 %Brix0.1 %Brix
HRB32-TBrix0–32 %Brix0.2 %Brix
HRB62-TBrix28–62 %Brix0.2 %Brix
HRB82-TBrix45–82 % Brix0.2 %Brix
HRB92-TBrix58–92 %Brix
38–43 °Baume
12–27 % water content in honey
1 %Brix
0.5 °Baume
1 % water content in honey
HRB90Brix0–95 %Brix0.2 %Brix
HRNDRefractive indexnD 1.333–1.517nD 0.0005
HRS10-TSalinity0–10 ‰1 ‰
HRS28-TRefractive index
nD 1.3330–1.3834
0–28 ‰
nD 0.001
2 ‰
HRM18-TSerum protein0–12 g/dl
nD 1.333–1.360
1.000–1.050 UG
0.2 g/dl
nD 0.0005
0.002 UG
Potential alcohol content
0–32 %Brix
30–130 °Oe
4.4–19 % alcohol
0.2 %Brix
1 °Oe
0.1 % alcolhol
HRKFZ-TEthylene and propylene glycol
battery acid
-50–0 °C
1.10–1.30 g/cm³
5 °C
0.01 g/cm³

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